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Get yours before out of stock!

Cake link:

And the link to strawberry milk is… Walmart.  Milk isle.  Trumoo Strawberry milk.



I have been on a strawberry kick lately.  I’ve gotten a strawberry scented build a bear.

Internet isn’t working, later I will post the links.

I bought strawberry milk.

And now I am making strawberry cake with strawberry icing!

I have a soccer game @ 4:30 and I am excited!  My mom bought me a glow-in-the-dark soccer ball!  How cool is that??

Grace  <)< <—– strawberry!


YUMYUMYUMYUM!!!!  I made this wonderful berry puree in my blender.  P for PERFECT!  U for…UMM…U FOR UNDENIABLE!  R FOR READY IN A FLASH!  E FOR EFFORTLESS!  E FOR EXTREMELY YUMMY!!!!

So…I put in frozen mixed berries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.  I didn’t take exact measurements.  I let the berries thaw for a little while, and put them in the blender with some lemon juice, sugar, and a little water.  Blend a couple times.  DELISH!!


Italian Cream Cake

Let me say something real quick.  A-MAZE-ING!!!!!!  Best cake I’ve eaten in a WHILE!  I can vouch that this cake bakes wonderfully, and it is SO easy to turn out of the pan (if you grease the pan with butter, and NOT cooking spray.)!

So, IT IS NOT MY RECIPE!!  It is The Pioneer Woman’s, that I got off

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This Easter was awesome.  I got to make simple sugar cookies, that me and my 12-year-old, older, sister, Molly, decorated.  (Any old sugar cookie recipe will do, and royal icing, or sugar cookie icing, is best for detailed cookies.  But if you want something yummier and that takes less effort, just slap some plain ol’ frostin’ on em’.)


At my Grampa’s, (Saturday) we butchered some rabbits and BARBEQUED them!  They were delicious, but it was NOT the best day to butcher them.


At my Papaw’s, (today), we had a nice meal of ham, Papaw’s FAMOUS mac ‘n’ cheese, corn, potato salad, Papaw’s FAMOUS deviled eggs, bread, Barbque chips, pineapple upside down cheesecake, jello jigglers, and chocolate covered strawberries, made to look like carrots!  My aunt also made treat bags, and s’more bags.

  In the treat bags there were: Cadbury cream eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, Butterfinger mini eggs, mini peanut-butter cups, bubble-gum eggs, and $5!  And in the s’more’s kit there were Peeps, graham crackers, and mini chocolate bunnies!

Also we played with sidewalk chalk, with my 7 year old, glitzy, glitter and spotlight lovin’, superstar cousin, Sandy! 😀

Easter was pretty good.  🙂  Though, it isn’t about candy, or the ‘Easter Bunny’, or egg hunts.  It’s all about Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

He is risen!

❤ Grace 😉


Hi.  I’m Grace!  🙂  Welcome to SWEETLANDIA!  The Sweet-as-a-sugar-bomb-blog!  Now, I know my blog has a address, but I’m 10 years old, and basically broke.  So I’ll fix that when I have some more money!  I also will have weird photos because I have a weird, cheapy, digital, weird camera.  and the lighting will also be bad because the light in my (parent’s) kitchen and the camera too.

I’d love to get some followers and maybe my blog could take off!  I’ve always dreamed of having a blog (almost) as successful as at a young age.

Have a SUPER sweet day!